Spot Aqueous Coating Blankets

 Aqueous coating blankets are made up of two layers. The top layer can be cut and stripped away from the base, allowing only specific areas of the sheet to receive the aqueous coating.


Grandon Manufacturing has CAD equipment that can cut designs precisely to your artwork. The cut would go through the top layer, allowing us to strip away the parts not to receive the coating. We can also trim the blanket to the correct size for your press, and scale your artwork to allow for the distortion caused by stretching the plate around the cylinder. 

To cut a plate correctly, we need the following:

  • Completed Press Specification Sheet, supplied by Grandon.
  • Strippable blanket large enough for your press.
  • Digital file that shows the aqueous design and where it sits on the sheet.
  • A press layout, proof or press sheet to compare the file to.
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